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There is currently a problem for Windows XP users where the GRN Tuner doesn't start.

We are currently looking into the problem to find a solution, please keep an eye on here for more information.
Due to some backend changes the previous versions of the GRN Tuner won't work correctly.

A new version has been developed. You will have to download it again via the download button at the top right.

The new version is currently in BETA phase and doesn't have all the features enabled. The features that are enabled are the auto switching, next DJ time, who's on air, current song and some of the original settings.

If you have any problems please visit the support page and create a ticket. We will reply asap.

The backend to the previous version of the GRN Tuner will be turned off in around a week.
There have been multiple report of people getting Error 500 with their GRN Tuner. This is now being looked into and should hopefully be fixed soon.

I don't think an update is needed since it probably isn't an issue with the Tuner itself. If it is an issue with the Tuner then I will program a fix, upload it and then post the update information here.

This update brings the new Next DJ Time feature. You can now see how long it will be until the next DJ is on air on Eve Radio and Total Gaming Radio.

If you have any problems with this please use the support page.
This update is a small hotfix. There have been problems with the GRN Tuner crashing if there are any connection issues.

The GRN Tuner will now only display one error message every 60 seconds if it can't connect to the server.

There is a known bug where it crashes when you start the GRN Tuner and it can't connect to a server then it crashes.

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