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The beta is now closed and is being released as a finished product. If you do have any problems please click the support button or go to Start > All Programs > Gaming Radio Network > GRN Tuner online support, then start a new ticket.

Release Notes
- Improved performance
- Fixed the bug where TGR tunes into Eve Radio at handover
- Fixed the bug where TGR didn't update song/DJ information
- Enabled Jukebox button for TGR although with the current system it just tunes into TGR
- Backend changes for future development
This is a small update. Just a few additional features to the settings and adding more error catching in.

- Minimize to system tray option
- Load up in system tray
Due to current circumstances the developement on the New GRN Tuner has been delayed. In the mean time the current GRN Tuner will be continued to be updated.


  • New Design

  • Volume on load feature added

  • Error catching added to prevent crashing

Known Bugs: The Total Gaming Radio side of the Tuner can be a bit slow and also not update.
The latest update adds a new button called TGR Weekend. Over this weekend and next weekend TGR will be on a different server due to Eve Radio using up a lot of bandwidth with the broadcasting of the Eve Alliance Tournament.

After that there will be an additional update taking the button away.
The development of the new improved GRN Tuner has been started. While the current GRN Tuner works nicely it was built as a project.

This new GRN Tuner
- A New Look!
- Better performance
- No useless features
- Bug free (or as near as possible)
- Multi-platform! So Windows, Mac and Linux!

We plan to release the new GRN Tuner in Q4 2009 although this may change depending on what issues we run into.

Keep an eye out for beta testing!

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